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Fiverr Freelancer Georgia Austin Scales Fiverr Business from 1.9k to 21k Per Month in Just 3-Months

In the past, I thought that years needed to be put into a Fiverr profile to turn around a 21k profit. For me, it took about three-years to see that kind of return, and still, in the grand scheme of things, that’s a pretty fast turnaround for such good money.

Well, I was beyond thrilled to hear from Fiverr user Georgia Austin, who copywrites full-time as a freelancer on the site, as she went from $1,900 in January 2021 to $21,000 in March 2021. It absolutely blew my mind, and I knew I needed to learn more.

Georgia is a Fiverr PRO and Level 2 Seller on the site today. Having joined Fiverr in January 2020, she played around on the site here-and-there for a few months before going out-of-office until January 2021. Upon turning the profile back on, she brought in $1,900 the first month. But then something crazy happened: her revenue jumped to $8,631.20 in February, and then $21,000 in March.

On track to make even more than that for April 2021, Georgia proved that waiting years to make this kind of freelancing money isn’t necessary anymore. Following classic Fiverr tips, like using crisp imagery, cohesive gig branding, competitive pricing, and Fiverr PRO advantages, Georgia was able to bypass the years it took me to figure out how all of this truly works on Fiverr.

Setting Freelancing Records

It’s safe to say, Georgia is set to potentially crack $40,000 by the end of the month. These monetary figures not only place Georgia in a small, elite group of freelancers on the Fiverr platform, but they also arguably make her the fastest freelancer on the site to earn $21k in a singular month.

And to top it all off, Georgia is only 23-years-old, with her 24th birthday coming in June.

I am writing about this today to share a success story that is unexpected and shocking in nature, yet completely understandable if you take time to study Georgia’s profile and the amount of effort she put into setting up a respectable and trustworthy business. Fiverr isn’t just for a ‘small, special group of people with fancy degrees;’ it’s for everyone, and will continue to be.

I want you to know that you could do this, too.

So, how can you see mind-blowing results in your own Fiverr business? Georgia understood how to become a Fiverr PRO and how to use the Fiverr algorithm to her advantage which was key. Knowing how the algorithm works and using it to your advantage could be one of the biggest factors to your success. I didn’t personally know this kind of monetary success was possible this quickly on Fiverr, which just goes to show there is plenty of room for you on this site.

To watch more on the Fiverr algorithm I've created a video here that explains how you could get the same insane advantage as Georgia.

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